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Commissioners of The High Court

Commissioners of the High Court

The Appointment of the Commissioners of the High Court (Commissioners) falls under the auspices of the High Court of Belize (Court) by virtue of the High Court of Judicature Act, Chapter 91 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2020.

Commissioners of the High Court are selected on the basis of being ‘fit and proper’ persons. They are appointed by an instrument or instruments under the seal of the Court.

Commissioners are responsible for taking affidavits and declarations in any cause or matter and, when authorized by a special order of the court or judge, they are responsible for taking the examination of witnesses or receiving production of documents. Additionally, where it is necessary for performing a particular duty assigned by the Court and where authorized by the Court a Commissioner may exercise the incidental powers of a judge.

List of Commissioners

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