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Legal Advice

Legal Advice Unit

The Legal Advice Unit was established in January 2021, in response to the Government of Belize’s (GOB’s) demands for legal advice on a wide range of legal matters. The Unit’s mandate is to provide Independent legal advice to the Government of Belize.

Functions & Responsibilities

The functions of the Unit include:

  1. Providing legal advice to Cabinet, Ministers, Ministries and Government Departments on a wide range of legal matters
  2. Rendering legal opinions for Government Ministries and departments on the interpretation of laws
  3. Vetting and preparing contracts, leases, and other agreements on behalf of the Government
  4. Advising Government on contractual obligations
  5. Responding to general legal queries made by Heads of Departments
  6. Providing legal advice to the Government on all aspects relating to all civil liability, including, tort, contract, constitutional and administrative issues, licensing authorities, land acquisition, compensation and disciplinary matters

The Unit receives instructions for legal advice directly through the Attorney General, Solicitor General, Chief Executive Officers and other Heads of Department. Instructions are reviewed and cases assigned to a Crown Counsel within the Unit to respond to the request in a timely manner.

The Unit also liaises with other Ministries and Government Departments to confirm instructions and to organize the sharing of information relevant to a particular matter.

The Unit also collaborates with the other Units within the Attorney General’s Ministry in order to address legal issues and to provide legal solutions.