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Legal Advice And Service Center

Eligibility and Services

The following services are provided at the office:
  • Divorces
  • Probate and succession matters
  • Adoptions
  • Family matters at the Family Court and the High Court
  • Criminal matters in the Magistrate's Court
  • Civil matters in the High Court and the Magistrat's Court
  • Traffic Matters
    • Agreements
    • Contracts
    • Powers of Attorneys
    • Land matters


The Centre charges fees for its services, on a set scale. The maximum fees are substantially below what would be charged in private practice and fees are sometimes waived for the very poor or indigent. Questions are posed to Clients in order to determine their financial capacity and qualification for legal aid services.


There are currently two offices: a general office in Belize City and a district office in Orange Walk Town.

Consultation Fees

There is currently a consultation fee of $50.00 to see an attorney. Such fee will only be waived in extreme cases.

Appointments and Accessibility

Appointments can be done through the contact information provided below. However, Clients can be dealt with by simply walking into the office.

Contact the Legal Advice and Services Centre

Belize City Office (General Office)

Orange Walk Office (District Office)