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General Registry

The High Court Registry

The High Court Registry is responsible for the housing and collecting of all records and data pertaining to the High Court. The Registry is located on the ground floor of the High Court Building at the corner of Regent Street and Treasury Lane, Belize City. The General Registry is established under section 3 of the General Registry Act Chapter 327 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2020.

The Registry is headed by the Registrar General. There is also a Deputy Registrar General, a Deputy Registrar General (Appeals) and an Assistant Registrar General to assist with the daily functions of the Registry. The Registry staff includes a Finance Officer, an Administrative Assistant Court Marshals, Stenographers, a Legal Secretary, a Trust Officer, a Marriage Officer, various clerks and an Office Assistant.

Apart from its principal functions, the Registry also deals with estate matters, the granting of marriage licenses and the sealing of notary public documents referred to as apostilles. Marriage ceremonies can also be performed at the Registry. The General Registry is also the Central Authority for the service abroad of judicial and extrajudicial documents.

The Sub- Registry of the Caribbean Court of Justice is also housed in the High Court Registry’s building and documents to be filed for any action before the Caribbean Court of Justice may be filed at this sub-registry.

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